6 Makeup Essentials For Your Gym Bag


I don’t stop sweating until about an hour after my workouts, even after a shower, so I’m always trying to shrink down my beauty routine to be simultaneously as minimal and as professional as possible. I recently re-joined Equinox (hello, eucalyptus towels! goodbye, budget!) and it’s been amazing to get back into the gym. What’s been less amazing has been having to somehow put together a full face of makeup that’s work-ready while I’m a hot, sweaty mess.

With that in mind, I’ve put together my 5 makeup essentials for my gym bag — these combined make up a beauty routine that takes less than 10m, which is perfect for days when my spin class runs over and the line for the showers is obscene. Check it out:

  1. A lightweight, SPF BB cream: I’m a huge fan of BB/CC cream, and one of my mandatories for a base layer is that it 1) can’t make me break out and 2) must have SPF. I’ve been using Erborian’s CC creme recently and I love it — I was offered a sample for testing and I’ve been so impressed with it that I think I’ll likely purchase it again after this runs out! It’s lightweight, non-greasy and while it isn’t very full coverage, it’s perfect for days when you just want a quick layer of sun protection and a layer of sheer coverage to even out your skin tone.
  2. Double duty lip balm and blush: I hate carrying blush/bronzer around in my makeup bag because powder formulas are too likely to break, and I need to carry a brush around with me in order to apply them properly. I’ve used cream / mousse blushes in the past and really liked those, but the containers are often too heavy for me to like carrying around daily as they’re often glass. Enter the lazy girl’s blush: lip balm! I recently was given some samples of Avon’s new True Color Lip Balms and I’ve been using those as a combo lip and cheek treatment and just blending it on my cheekbones and putting a quick dab on my lips before applying a highlighter.
  3. Photo-ready highlighter: I’ve tried what feels like every high end highlighter under the sun, and I keep coming back to Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter. It’s easy, it melts into my skin even when I’m sweaty after a workout, and it stays on all day, PLUS I don’t need to keep an extra brush around because of the dual ended tip — making it the perfect post-gym highlighter.
  4. Stay-put eyeliner: I’m cheating here, but I’m including two eyeliners in my five — I keep a Marc Jacobs gel liner for tightlining and rotate between Jessie’s Girl and Kat Von D liquid eyeliner for doing a winged eye daily (Kat Von D is the holy grail, but Jessie’s Girl is like $6). They take up next to no space and are really the best way to tie together an entire look — plus, with a good black winged eye all you need is a little lipstick and you have the perfect day to night look!
  5. Volumizing mascara: I used to buy expensive mascara that was admittedly amazing (I’m looking at you, Better Than Sex!) but I’ve been moving away from that lately because I’m trying to cut back on my beauty budget a little bit. I’ve tried several Amazon mascaras that are all available on Subscribe & Save, so I get 15% off and end up replacing my mascara when I’m actually supposed to (three months, people!). Enter: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof Mascara. It’s amazing. It’s cheap. I love it.
  6. Bold, one-step brows: I’m a huge eyebrow fan. I feel super naked without some kind of brow product on — and yes, I’ve both overplucked and overdrawn my eyebrows at various points in my life. But I’m OBSESSED with BrowFood — it’s not crazy expensive, it’s so easy and it makes you look SO put together so quickly. One caveat: you definitely should get your eyebrows waxed or threaded prior to using or else you’ll look like a caterpillar. Trust me, I know.

There you have it! My 6 product (okay, 7 if you count both eyeliners) makeup essentials for every summer gym bag — proving that looking fresh leaving the gym doesn’t need to take you forever or take a ton of space in your gym bag.


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