Delight, surprise, charm, enchant, captivate. These are emotions we associate with pure joy, with children listening to fairytales, with Christmas morning and Easter Egg hunts and Halloween.  delight and enchantment are crucial to our souls, to our relationships, to our partners.

If we don’t laugh — if we don’t make our partners laugh — we start to lose that soulful connection between hearts, turning things from a loving relationship into a business partnership.

We start to fuss over who did the dishes last rather than flicking soap bubbles at each other, we start to get angry about socks on the floor rather than dancing barefoot in the kitchen.

So how do we get back to dancing in the kitchen?

We laugh more, we choose to settle fights before they start, we swallow our pride, we say “I love you” instead of saying “you’re wrong.”

We practice.  Because sometimes love takes practice, too.

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March 5, 2017

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