This messy, beautiful, confusing college life is overwhelming and confusing and demands the most of you at times when you don’t think you have any more to give. I am working on being a more positive person, a person who spreads more delight than she demands, and a person who’s making a conscious effort to create the kind of world she wants to inhabit.

We live in the crucible between the promise of who we can become and the reality of who we have been. We exist between tragedy and triumph, failure and success, life and death, hate and love, and this in-between can be like an abyss where we feel lost and torn. – The Artisan Soul

These things are not easy. These things are very hard. But I am so lucky to be able to spend my time muddling about and finding myself in the midst of all of this confusion. I am so lucky to have the resources available to me to take classes and have internships (even if I don’t have one for this summer yet) and to have the time to contemplate my life and my future.

Ultimately, though, my future is going to hit me sooner than I realize – so  it’s time to spend a little more time doing and a little less time thinking. Anyone want to book a last minute flight to anywhere?

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April 25, 2014

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