There’s nothing better than waking up and being excited to eat your breakfast. On weekends I love the simple luxury of staying in bed a few moments more, but the thing that gets me out of bed the quickest is the excitement of being able to make breakfast. I love making food for myself and for others – it’s how I show love. Food, to me, is love.

This recipe is also love. A healthy, gluten free, protein-packed waffle for breakfast that sneaks in a few bites of veggies and can be topped with all of your favorites? Sign me up. Twice.

protein packed banana peanut butter weekend waffle (gluten free, dairy free)

3/4c eggwhites
1/2c finely grated zucchini
2 tbsp coconut flour
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4tsp baking powder

1/2 banana

2 tbsp PB2
2 tbsp almond milk

Set your waffle iron to heat. While it heats up, grate the zucchini. Mix the eggwhites, zucchini, coconut flour, vanilla extract and baking powder in a small bowl or food processor. When the waffle iron is hot, pour your batter into the iron and let it cook according to your waffle iron’s directions.

While the waffle is cooking, chop a banana into slices and sautĂ© lightly in coconut oil or another healthy fat of your choice. While that’s cooking, consider making a peanut butter sauce like I did! I use PB2 for all kinds of sauces and toppings – it’s beyond easy.

In a small bowl, mix together the PB2 and almond milk. It’s that simple. The waffle and the banana should be done about the same time, so pop the waffle out of the iron, throw the banana on top of the waffle, top with the peanut butter sauce and enjoy! I also added an unsweetened dark chocolate sauce, but that was my little luxury this morning.

What luxuries do you enjoy on weekends?

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November 9, 2013

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