I have always made fantastic smoothies – my mother tells me that no matter what she puts in the blender, her smoothies never come out like mine do. What I’m saying here is that I have the gift of epic smoothies.

This smoothie, however, may be my most epic yet. A double-decker smoothie with two distinct flavors melting into each other to create something beautiful? Oh, yes.

Making smoothies in two layers is something that I’m new to, and at first I thought it was silly. Why do something so ridiculous when it’s all going through the same straw? But I get it. I do! This way you get to play with your food, play with your flavors, have two smoothies in one. I had pumpkin on the bottom and peanut butter on the top, and sweetened the peanut butter one with a bit of vanilla stevia, so that by the time the green smoothie got down to the bottom I felt like I was drinking my dessert for the day. There are endless combinations possible, and so many ways to make your body healthy, happy, and whole.

Here’s what I put in this smoothie – I’m out of almond milk, so I used water and loved it, but I would highly suggest using almond milk if you have some! If not, never fear – it was delectable with water. The flavors speak for themselves.

double-decker pumpkin / peanut butter smoothie

Pumpkin layer:
1 cup canned or fresh pumpkin
1/2 a frozen banana
Cinnamon and ginger, to taste
1/2 – 1 cup water

Mix all ingredients in your blender, then pour into a VERY large glass. Mine fits 32 ounces, easily, so if you’re making two smoothies you could use two 16 ounce glasses instead. There will be some left in the blender – don’t bother cleaning it out, it’s all going in the same place and the spirulina’s green overwhelms the pumpkin’s orange.

Peanut butter layer:
1/2 a frozen banana
2 tbsp PB2 (It’s powdered peanut butter. It’s amazing.)
2 tbsp Navitas Protein Superfood Blend (This blend is hemp, cacao, and maca.)
1 tsp Hawaii Pacifica Spirulina (I’ve tried others. They’re not as good. Trust me.)
1 handful frozen kale
2-3 ice cubes
1/2 – 1 cup water

Mix all your ingredients together in the same blender, then pour on top of the first layer. Isn’t it pretty? The contrast is amazing, and the flavors combine absolutely beautifully. I topped mine with raw, unsweetened cacao nibs and hemp hearts, and it was an amazing way to refuel from my run and reset before heading off to class for the day. What do you put in smoothies?

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September 20, 2013


You never cease to amaze. This is awesome. You do make epic smoothies and you have just upleveled beyond the previous abilities of the game. You have created SMOOTHIE WORLD, where you are the benevolent ruler.

I am completely delighted by the idea of choosing flavours so that the straw picks up the first one at the bottom and then the second (top) one is dessert. BOOM! This is the meaning of aparfait. ;-)

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