Dinner tonight was amazing – grilled salmon, asparagus, and quinoa veggie salad. My step father’s birthday was today, and it featured great food and great people who were surrounded by love.

Every month, I think about my hopes, my dreams, and my goals for myself. Some of these goals are small – do laundry, buy a new pair of running shoes, go to the gym every day this week, be able to do something at the end of the month that I couldn’t do at the beginning. Recently, I’ve begun to write these down, and I hope to make this a regular part of my life. Setting goals is healthy, and writing down your goals has actually been scientifically proven to help you achieve those goals.

For this month, I’m spending time with my parents back home – I don’t have access to a gym, but I have my body, and the great outdoors, and a groupon for some yoga classes and some kickboxing lessons. I’ll also be going to pilates with my mother and spending time walking her neurotic Weimaraner with her. Overall, this can be a great month if I let it, or a terrible month. I’m choosing to make my health a priority, and focusing on eating clean and regaining flexibility throughout the month.

Fitness-wise, here are my goals:
– Run / walk at least 3 miles daily (HIIT when possible)
– Do a plank every morning as part of the #plankaday challenge
– Work on my pushups every morning using the runtastic pushup app
– Attend hot yoga 3-5 times every week
– Attend at least one pilates class weekly
– Attend one fitboxing class weekly

Food-wise, here are my goals:
– Focus on getting nutrients from natural foods instead of supplements and protein shakes
– Make use of the amazing grill my parents have at least once a day
– Cut out processed foods (nothing that can’t be pronounced easily)
– Increase my intake of fish, decrease my intake of red meat
– Eat fresh, organic, non-gmo foods as much as possible
– Decrease my dairy intake, especially fats from dairy

I think these goals will challenge me, keep me excited, and keep me focused on improving my health and being in touch with my body. They’re goals that will help me stay healthy, smart, and strong, and do so in a way that helps support me in finding my optimal self. I’ve taken starting pictures and measurements of my body, and I want to see where I’ll be at the end of a month of clean eating and flexibility training. I’m excited – aren’t you?

What kinds of goals are you setting for this month?



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July 1, 2013

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