When I tell people I eat 100% gluten free due to my medical condition, celiac disease, the first thing they usually do is ask me questions.

Can you eat bread?

Can you eat pasta?

Can you eat rice?

Can you eat cake?

Can you eat potatoes?

When I answer these questions -no, no, yes, no, yes- it’s almost immediately followed by:

Oh well I could NEVER do that.

That’s simply not true. Eating gluten free is hard at first, yes. For someone without a medical condition it may be easier; I wouldn’t know. But the majority of what I eat is foods that are naturally gluten free, foods that don’t need to be modified to adapt to my odd quirky genetic fluke. (I do still buy gluten free bread and gluten free pasta. Sue me.)

I’ve compiled a shopping list to share – these are foods that work for me, not necessarily that will work for everyone. These are foods that make me feel strong and vibrant and fantastic. The meals I make are centered around these foods, whole foods, with their nutrients intact.

I hope this list will help you. It has certainly helped me to create it! The twitter on the header is my personal fitness account, which I use as a part of the #fitfam community on twitter. I mostly tweet about motivation, food, and my fitness goals, which is why I’ve kept it separate from my personal twitter. You’re welcome to follow me @GFreeFittie on twitter.

If this shopping list works for you, or if you have any questions about it, please let me know! I’d love to suggest some meals or help you on your gluten free journey.


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June 17, 2013


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