A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

– James Keller

Candles, like humans, rely on something external to get them started and something internal to keep them going. We need a spark, we need a flame, we need something that inspires us to be driven and create something and make something. And just like candles, we need fuel to keep us burning brightly, keep us strong and smart and passionate.

It can be hard sometimes, in the midst of the day to day and the mundane, to maintain a flame. We need the right fuel to keep going, or else we burn out.

I’ve spent a long time working on how to fuel myself, how to support myself, and how to support others. Fuel, for me, is emotional, physical and spiritual – I can’t be my best self without the right food and exercise, nor can I be my best self if I’m emotionally unavailable and spiritually out of touch. It’s important to make sure that you are drawing the best fuel from the world around you, so you can light it up. This includes food, and exercise, and reaching out to the people around you for support, and nourishing your mind as well as your body. This includes quinoa, and yoga, and glasses of wine, and walks along the beach, and clothes that make you feel glorious.

When we are the best we can be, and the most fueled we can be, we are able to do so much more. We are able to light fires the likes of which the world has never seen. We can start revolutions, innovate new designs, determine the paths we and others take. We have immense power. We just need to direct it and share it with love and light.

What fuel is important to you for your continued success?

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May 21, 2013


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