Mobile news is omnipresent in our society; it is a news source that has continued to grow exponentially while traditional news circulations have faced a slow decay. While print media may not die in our lifetimes, it is increasingly clear that traditional media is not as accessible to many consumers as mobile media is. Rarely do you see consumers reading a newspaper or a magazine in public – instead, they’re reading that same media on their phones, laptops, or tablets and sharing it with their peers.

The scope of mobile news has increased dramatically in recent years, and will likely continue to do so in the future. The networks of contacts that consumers build up daily on twitter, facebook, linkedin – even instagram – are people they have connected to and intrigued somehow, encouraging them to want to hear more. A like here, a follow there, a retweet – these are powerful things., as they extend a message’s reach not only to one person’s followers, but to another, and perhaps even more after that. These extensions of messages between circles means that a message can potentially be amplified on a global level, whether it’s a funny joke about a cat or a breaking news story.

Global connectivity, global news, global jokes. These connections between people allow mobile news consumers who curate and share that news to become something between a normal person and a news outlet – a trusted voice, an opinion leader, someone their friends turn to for their media and follow for their commentary. These people are consumers, but they are in some ways also creators. They create their own news, their own representations, their own impressions; impressions that are also shared with their followers and those they influence. When you retweet someone, or share their link, you are placing your own reputation in line with theirs, and creating a connection between the two in your reader’s mind. Because of this, it’s key to make sure that the information you share is in line with the reputation you wish to create – reputation, as always, is key.

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April 3, 2013

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