I love having flowers inside. They make everything brighter, especially when they’re set to draw attention to themselves. These orchids are so bright, and so lovely. I got them from Trader Joe’s, two small ones and a big one. I think the small ones were around 7 dollars and the big one was 12 or 13, which is affordable even on a college budget.

I have them on this gorgeous, sweet little table that I picked up for free – my boyfriend spotted it, and then I picked it up and brought it inside, painted it white, and fixed a wobbly leg with a little wood glue. It’s my first little DIY project, and I’m really thrilled with it. My roommate had the spray paint lying around, so it cost me literally nothing, and it’s made such a cute place for me to have my orchids and keep my heels by.


So there it is! My orchids and nature in the home, plus the finale of my first DIY project.

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April 2, 2013

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