I haven’t had water in my apartment for three days.

Three days. Three DAYS. THREE DAYS.

You might ask yourself what catastrophe could bring an apartment to not have water for three days. Floods that burst water mains, pipes that broke in the middle of the night, water heaters that explode. Of course, there is always the other option, less drastic but in many ways more sad — that perhaps the residents of that apartment couldn’t afford to pay the water bill, and so their water has been shut off. That is always an option. But in this case, it was none of these, not technically.

Someone else didn’t pay their water bill. Maybe they forgot, maybe they were late on their payment, maybe they really truly can’t afford it. My heart goes out to them if it is the last option, and I hope that they have better luck or are more able to manage their bills in the future. Regardless, someone else didn’t pay their water bill.

Unfortunately, someone else’s mistake has left me without water for three days. The water company acknowledges that we have no outstanding balance, and that we won’t even have a bill ready for us until the 26th. The water company acknowledges this. But since Wednesday night, we haven’t had water in our apartment.

This is not okay.

We are responsible tenants in every way — rent is always paid to the landlord on time, utilities are covered promptly and long before they are past due to the point that any would be shut off. And yet we have no water. I have a friend visiting, and so we have three girls in one apartment with no water, no flushes, no showers, no baths, no tea, no washing dishes.

This is beyond unacceptable. This sucks. And I don’t like it.

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March 15, 2013

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