I love lipstick. It can dress up an otherwise unexciting outfit and make any day feel special. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place for lipstick at work — is it too much, is it too sexy, is it too dramatic? I say no. Lip color is fun, fresh, and an easy way to look like you’re putting work into looking good, even though it takes about as much time to put on as that Burt’s Bees chapstick you keep in your purse.

I always keep two lip colors around when I’m going to work — a red and a pink. These can be any red and any pink, whatever works best for your skin tone. I just like having both around, because different outfits and occasions will call for different looks. A red lip with a plain black sweater does very different things than that same sweater with a pink lip.

It’s a ton of fun to play around — what kinds of lip color do you like?

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February 26, 2013

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