I woke up this morning ready to leave for school.

I was jolted out of sleep to the sound of my phone ringing, an unknown 800 number on the scratched screen. Missed the call by a matter of groggy seconds. I stumbled out to the kitchen. No message, so I figured it wasn’t important. Until the same number called again a few moments later, and an automated voice told me my flight back to school was cancelled.

I was shocked by how disappointed I was. Of course it was also the bureaucratic nightmare of rescheduling my flight, figuring out how to get back to school, and coordinating with family on how to get me moved into my new apartment on Thursday.

Regardless, I am thankful that I have another day with my mother. I have another day with my mother, and another day to bake in a comparatively giant kitchen, and another day to watch my dog recover from the surgery that will let her bones regrow to replace a damaged ligament.

I am thankful.


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January 17, 2012


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