The people of Bellevue College are a confusing group. Their world is small; their lives revolve around “books,” a strange psychoactive drug known as “coffee,” and odd black and silver screens emblazoned with a half eaten fruit known as an “apple.” They scurry across the grounds of their chapel with their faces turned to their devices… those who do not worship the bitten fruit are outcast, frequently ignored by their peers in favour of the screens. Perhaps the device allows them to commune with their god(s)–even those who worship the screens cannot sway the attention of the devout when they are engrossed in the screen.

The walls of this odd temple are emblazoned with propaganda displaying images of the sacred “books” they are so fond of–the books appear to serve as an (often biased) repository of knowledge even the apple screens cannot supply. The holy ones of Bellevue College are known as “teachers” or “professors;” they often pass on their arcane knowledge by decreeing that the lesser ones (known as “students”) must complete readings of various texts. The students are judged on the basis of their understanding of the holy principles, and are terrified of the alphanumeric scale on which they are judged. An “ay” or a “one hun-dread” is preferable, though many students are equally satisfied with a “bee” or “ay-tee”.

The students are commonly addicted to a psychoactive drug they receive in liquid form… it has a pungent odor, and they add many sweeteners and other liquids to make it palatable. The drug is used socially and individually–it is known as coffee, and appears to make the users awake, alert, and sociable for a limited amount of time. The effects soon wear off, however, and an increased dosage must be ingested. It appears to be highly addictive, yet socially acceptable… even the holy ones use this drug to stay alert and aware. Perhaps more research into the customs and traditions of these strange people is necessary to further understanding of their holy grounds.

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January 13, 2011

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