What if your childhood were in the middle of a war zone?

What if when you were too small to carry a gun you were armed only with a whistle and sent into the center of the world’s longest running war?

What if your duty were to blow your whistle as the enemy approaches, then recieve the first round of shots with your body?

You and the whistle they armed you with fall to the ground, to be piled up against the bodies of other fallen children as a makeshift barrricade between the older soldiers and the enemy.

Could you do it? Sure, if you knew the punishment for disobeying was worse than death.

This isn’t a horrific dystopian novel. This is real life. Not for you or for me, but for thousands–hundreds of thousands–of children caught in the middle of the world’s bloodiest war.

And until we do something about it, countless more innocent lives will be lost.

Falling Whistles (www.fallingwhistles.org) is a ragtag group of social activists dedicated to saving these children and ending the war in the Congo.

Because no one else will.

And so, as a student who has been given every chance to succeed, I approach my own future with a drive to ensure others have access to what I take for granted: food, water, education, and the ability to live a life free from the terrors of war.

I approach my future with all the idealistic optimism I can muster, determined to be a whistleblower for peace. I approach my future with confidence, with passion, and with all of the naive hope an eighteen year old’s heart possesses.

I am passionate about activism. I am passionate about change, about leaving the world a better place than I entered it. I want to leave a legacy.

I am only one person. But one person with a story can inspire countless others. And my story is just beginning.

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September 14, 2010



Thank you for using your voice to be a whistleblower for peace. We truly appreciate you taking the time to share the Falling Whistles story on your blog.

While the story of one brings people closer, the collective whole that rises together will be the determining factor towards peace in Congo.

Check out our new video!

By miracle and determination, this man walked into our lives and changed them forever. Meet Yves.

For more information on what we are doing, email jen@fallingwhistles.com

With love,
The FW Crew

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